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ABOVE: Photo of a current class started in 2012.

Parents' Feedback

I have known Sook Cheng as a music teacher for some time now and I am impressed by her engaging and playful way of involving students in music activities, be it singing, playing or dancing to the music of great composers. Her program is equally interesting for both children and adults. We absolutely loved learning the history of famous composers.

Mrs. Jacqueline Yap, homemaker


My daughter enjoyed the class as it is presented in a fun way. She enjoyed hopping along while singing creative songs sung to familiar tunes. Often we hear these tunes played in hotels, malls, clocks etc to which my daughter now shouts out "This is the music of Beethoven!" or some other composers!

Mrs Sonali Moses, homemaker


Sook Cheng is a well qualified and resourceful teacher. My three children had a wonderful time and have gone on to learning the piano with her. They have consistently done well, often scoring distinction in both the practical and theory exams conducted by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (UK). One of my daughters had won a Gold award in the Performers' Festival organized by the Singapore Music Teachers' Association.

Mrs Cynthia Chua, educator


My daughter and son enjoyed very much Sook Cheng's Music Appreciation classes, which were varied and engaging. Besides achieving a secure foundation in ear training and a love for music, they retained an amazing amount about the theory of music and music history. Both children were competent note readers (pitch and rhythm) by the end of the course. Videos were used judiciously to illustrate and complement the lessons and the children loved her choices .  


My daughter went on after the course to learn the cello and the piano; she has been playing the cello in the Singapore National Youth Orchestra for the last 6 years, and has collected a couple of diplomas along the way. She had also studied at the Royal College of Music in London for a few years and we have found Sook Cheng’s teaching favourable to RCM. My son is learning the piano and both will carry with them an enjoyment of music for life, due in large part to the solid and happy start they had with "Aunty Sook Cheng".

Mrs. Rachel Fung, lawyer


My two daughters completed Sook Cheng’s engaging pre-school music appreciation course and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a well-rounded course which covered the essentials in music education. This was accomplished through activities such as singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments, listening to stories and music, games, and even science experiments. Sook Cheng seamlessly switched from one activity to the next so that my children never felt bored. With the excellent foundation, and exposure to a wide variety of instruments, they have gone on to pursue instrumental studies in Piano, Flute and Violin. Recently my older daughter topped the ABRSM exam in Flute and was awarded the ABRSM High Scorers’ Certificate. Thanks to Sook Cheng for instilling in them a love for music!

Mrs. Fiona Yuen, piano teacher